Viaport Outlet Shopping


Our streets resemble a Mediterranean town. Olive trees and flowers of the season along the road. Sparkling shop windows. Dynamic and live squares at all times; carnivals and acrobatics performances. And there is a covered bazaar; a miniature version of Grand Bazaar. In particular, a handicraft dome that was handled by state artists for a full period of 3 months. With an acoustic structure and majesty, the entire Via Port is stomping ground for visitors.

Wonder on the streets of Via Port and take a rest at elegant restaurants and cafes when you get tired. Most of them is located just beside the pond. A beautiful ambiance, a perfect service. You will find each aspect of social life that is finely handled at Via Port. In addition to food & beverage locations, there is a complex of 10 cinema theaters and a bowling hall equipped with the latest technology opening the door of another world for you.

Viaport Outlet Shopping

We opened our doors to the guests as of August 2008, and we have been intensively working to deliver the best services since then. We are the largest shopping mall with an outlet concept. The rentable area of stores in 69 thousand m2. We have 188 stores in total and a parking lot for 4500 vehicles.
We are a shopping mall with an outdoor concept; we have streets, squares, green areas and even a large pond where ducks swim. Among the animals living near this pond are peacocks, doves and rabbits. They live happily in these greens and reeds, being loved by the visitors. But, children love them the most.

There is a large entertaining center in front of the shopping mall, to which both adults and children devote close attention. Excitement in the air and, laughter and cheer are felt at all times here. Colorful, lively and vivacious with 24 entertainment units in total.
Via Port is not only a shopping mall, but a live center with all the facilities and opportunities to offer you. Thanks to an international five-star hotel chain Crowne Plaza Istanbul Asia and a luxury residence project Via Port Houses & Suites located within the same complex, you can stay peacefully in Via Port for the rest of your life. You can plan your days at a distance of a few steps to everything you may need.

We have been given many awards up until today. We were awarded the ‘Best outlet shopping mall of the year’ by AMPD in 2009, and chosen as the ‘Best outlet of the year’ by Hurriyet Newspaper in 2009 and 2010. Coşkun Bayraktar, Chairman of the Board, was named as the ‘entrepreneur of the year’ with the project Via Port by Economist Magazine. Via Port İstanbul Asia was chosen as the ‘Turkey’s Most Successful Real Estate Investment’ by Capital Magazine in 2012.


  • Investor: Via Properties
  • Architecture: A Design Architecture
  • Construction: Bayraktar Group
  • Opening: August 15, 2008
  • Land Area: 310 thousand m2
  • Rentable Area: 69,500 thousand m2
  • Number of Stores: 188
  • Parking Lot Capacity: 4500 Vehicles